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What is tourism?

Tourism is an activity of leisure travel, and the provision of services related to this activity. The tourist is a person who moves to the purpose of tourism for a distance of at least eighty miles from his home. Depending on the definition of the World Tourism Organization (affiliated to the United Nations).

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What are the types of tourism?

Types of tourism are divided into two ...
For the first section

Tourism pre-twentieth century, and are:

Adventure Tourism: and see the curiosities and control the population and Aadatahm, such as mountain climbing Kjebal atlas, surfing, and also to ski Khali desert sand gold and red desert sand Nafud Saudi Arabia.
Recreational Tourism: Travel to a well-known tourist destinations in the world.
Religious tourism: travel in order to visit the holy places such as Mecca and Medina, and Jerusalem.
Cultural tourism: the objective and visit cultural places such as Fez, Palmyra and Lahore.

The second section

Modern tourism:

Medical Tourism: Travel with the aim of treatment and recuperation at health resorts in different parts of the world, as in India, for example.
Eco-tourism: travel in order to visit natural reserves such as natural reserves in Africa.
Marine tourism: They are very popular in the Arab world, in Agadir, Sharm El Sheikh, Latakia, Aqaba and Alexandria.
MICE: A tourist activities associated with the presence of global conferences which are different capitals around the world.
Tourism Shopping: They travel for shopping from countries that are characterized by an abundance of parks and the quality of the purchase price, including Dubai, London, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt and Berlin are destinations for shopping.
All kinds of sports tourism.

And finally

What is the most famous tourist attractions?

Was talking about the most famous tourist attractions on the world <<<< idea of ​​this money in 2007

Teacher tourist city ... state ...

1 Times Square ... New York ... United States

2 National Park ... Washington United States ...

3 Walt Disney World Resort Orlando ... the United States ...

4 Trafalgar Square ... London, United Kingdom ...

5 Disneyland California ... the United States ...

6 Niagara Falls, Ontario ... Canada ...

7 Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco ... the United States ...

8 Disneyland Tokyo ... Tokyo, Japan ...

9 Notre Dame Cathedral Paris ... France ...

10 Euro Disney Paris ... France ...

And finally concluded

A security that the subject of Wonders

And Almtalowob you:

That each person tells us about the best type of tourist has ... and for best country or tourist attraction

I personally prefer the Adventure Tourism: 101:

And Slaaami you all .. :)

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