vendredi 15 août 2014

Cultural tourism is a kind of recreation educational aims, which combines fun and knowledge, which exploits leisure time in diversionary activities through access to cultures and ideas, and customs of other peoples, and has called us Mawla the Almighty to tourism in the universe and walk the earth and meditation in creating God and alaih: "Say: Travel in the land and see
how the creatures ..." (Spider: 29).

And contribute to cultural tourism in adding many cultural experiences and scientific sons such as: GIS and natural, and some historical information, and ways to deal with transportation and methods of travel;, which develops personal sons and their culture ... and give them many of the skills, knowledge, and contribute to the development of mental abilities and creativity they have, education effective education is interesting ... and there is no more interesting than travel.

It does not matter where it will travel well ... as long as planned for your trip with a bit of preparation you'll find that your trip is recreational, cultural scientific journey.

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