vendredi 15 août 2014

In order to ensure that one achieves the benefits of travel mentioned by Shafi'i - may Allah have mercy on him - in Petit:

In the travel and traveled five benefits
Sojourned for homelands in the request Ali

And science, and ethics, and the company of Majid
Relieve them, and the acquisition of living

Him to reconsider Saahth style, and puts the educational goals for their children; Ki makes his leisure trip scientific, cultural, gives children a lot of knowledge.

The "Travel" in itself whether to European countries or Arab educational opportunity fantastic, should invests educators, and not leave it to their children, but must accustom them to take advantage of their time with useful and beneficial, too often, we find that parents leave their children having fun without guidance, what between markets and commercial complexes, and between games amusements lost sons money and time with little benefit ... should be on families conscious to guide tourism sons, and guided in the right direction, which strike a balance between fun and knowledge, and will come in this investigation to mention some of the means in this area.

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