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the travel

The benefits of travel and has many benefits, and it also has disadvantages and damage, and begin to list the benefits and benefits to reconcile with God and we say:
Travel benefits: The quotes, which always travel at the mention of the benefits and advantages verses of Imam Shafei Almighty God's mercy -
which he said:

Sojourned for homelands in the request Ali and traveled in five travel benefits
Release them, and the acquisition of living and science, and ethics, and the company of Majid
If it is said in the Scriptures and the plight of humiliation and spare deserts and commit adversity
The death of the boy is better for him than his House Hwan between the informer and envious
Begin to hear and be guided by mentioning these benefits mentioned by Imam Shafei - Almighty God's mercy - and then mention the availability of other benefits:

1 - breakthrough worry and sadness: Vmma known and best known among the people that inherent in the place of the one, or the food one may become Balsam and boredom of it, Vtantabh desire for renewal, and this case some of the residents, as it has are getting what narrows their chests, and Igtmon it, people do get bored and toxic feel Balrtabh in their lives, and if one of them traveled from around the faces have changed and varied scenes and atmosphere it, then goes his main concern and gladdens the chest.
This is what is recommended by psychiatrists from injury or g are to travel, have been told: Do not fit souls if the housekeeper, but move from event to event,
2 - acquisition of living: it is fed by living in the country advised to travel to other countries in search of livelihood, God Almighty says: {who is making you land Zlola Vaemczua in the tracts and eat of His provision and the Resurrection}. How much of a man who traveled to the livelihood of God opened it, and geniuses of speech: (the rise and fall of the hills Agheitan is better than inaction between the walls)

3 - the collection of science: it has been mentioned before, and imitate their prophets and the righteous, journeyed to ask Uncle, and walks long distances sometimes in order to hear the talk and one from the Messenger of Allah r, says Imam Bukhari - Almighty God's mercy - (left Jabir bin Abdullah t, march month to Abdullah Ibn Anis t, in an interview one)
In the book of Allah, the Mighty, the remembrance of Allah Almighty us the story of the book of Moses peace be upon him for vegetables peace be upon him in the verses of Surah Kahf
He says the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: «from wire to seek a way in which God is the easy way to do paradise»
It was: not for what Westernization elevated to the seas der necks

4 - collection of Arts: That is because of the writers see and meet with scholars and wise men who are not responding to his own, gaining of morals and follow their example, gets a bit too much of the literature and transcends printing.

5 - accompanied glories: the witness and her sense of reality, how much traveled man Flaqy Cram men and Otaibam, Fajthm and lived with them, because they are the people of hospitality and generosity, and helping the needy and caring stranger, and God der view:
I got on each Muhallab Catia stranger homelands in a time of glory
Still my Ahsanhm and Jamilhm Barham and even my family Hspthm
He says Imam Shafi'i - Almighty God's mercy -:
Instead, those who traveled find unfailing and focused the delicious live in Monument
I saw standing water spoil the arena merry albeit not been relevance until

6 - response to the call: to tell the Messenger of Allah r: «three calls Mostagabat no doubt therein oppressed and inviting traveler and a father to his son»
Should hear and be guided to the traveler keen on a lot of supplication for forgiveness and mercy for him and his parents and all the Muslims, and to ask God Almighty facilitation and conciliation for the good of this world and the hereafter.

7 - visit loved ones from relatives and wombs and owners: This is one of the best acts of worship to God Almighty and bears witness to that interview with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: «that a man visited a brother in another village, Versd God his Madrjtah king, and when he came he said: Where you want? He said: I want a brother to me in this village. He said: Do you have the blessing of Terbha? He said: No but I loved it in God Almighty. He said: I am the Messenger of Allah to you that God may love you as I loved it »

8 - lifting the man himself from humiliation, whether between people of harmony: it may be, for example: the owner of the religion they are people of debauchery, or otherwise shall fall stature among them, were contemptuous of him, if Variqhm to another country came at the height of the increased stature, and testifies to this that The Prophet peace be upon him out of Mecca, which is the Bekaa loved him, and emigrated to the good kind, was from what was ordered, and then returned to a dear opening. Say about this brand Badr al-Din Zarkashi - Almighty God's mercy -: (inferred from the legitimacy of the transition from a place of damage)
Imam Shafi'i says - Almighty God's mercy -:
Get out of your own land and do not cuddle her parting from parents in the burn
Of humiliation among Ohalah Bbldth Valagturab him one of the best manners
Vanbr raw manure in compatriot In Westernization laptop on the neck
Kohl and type of stones in the land considered by a thrown on the roads
What sets won credited Ojmah became holds between the eyelid and Hadaq

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